Laravel React Twitter Clone with Learning React from Scratch

Laravel React Twitter Clone with Learning React from Scratch

Written by Ryan | Published 4 years ago

Learn Modern JavaScript/EcmaScript and React JS to build modern web apps with Laravel backend. Do you want to use React Js with Laravel to build powerful web applications? How about building a twitter like real time web app while learning Modern JavaScript and React Js from scratch? If that sounds great, you will absolutely love this course!

 What this course covers?

  • Core Modern JavaScript/EcmaScript basics
  • React Js basics
  • Ajax with axios
  • Theoretical and practical explanation
  • Integration of React with Laravel
  • Adding Real time functionality using Laravel Echo and Pusher Js
  • Follow/Unfollow functionality
  • BelongsToMany relationship
  • Working with custom table
  • Accessors methods and more..

What you will learn by the end of this course?

  • Learn Modern JavaScript/EcmaScript
  • Learn React Js
  • Be able to combine Laravel with React Js to build modern Web Apps
  • Start writing React Components
  • Learn to make Ajax GET, POST requests from React Frontend to Laravel Backend
  • Real time integrations by Broadcasting events using Pusher Js and Laravel Echo
  • Learn Intermediate Level Laravel Techniques
  • Be able to use React Js as an alternative or replacement to Vue js

 What you will build by the end of this course?

  • Twitter Like Real Time Web app with follow/unfollow functionality using Laravel Backend and React Js Frontend

Who this course is for:

  • Laravel developers
  • Laravel Developers interested to switch from Vue JS to React JS
  • Anyone interested to learn Modern JavaScript and React JS