Hello, Guys, this is Kunal, I took the course of Mr Ryan in Udemy, He is a wonderful teacher mentor and a great person. While taking the course I was suspicious about the content because there are many fraud tutors out there but Ryan is not the person like that. Sir Actually taught the best quality education.

Assignments and Tasks

The best thing I loved about his course was that he actually guides us step by step. He is always there for you if you face any sort of difficulty. Just what you have to do is drop a question in the message box and just forget about it. He will reply you within 4hrs of time span. And I didn't found any single problem which I faced during my journey which he didn't help.

Funny and Enthusiastic

Teaching strategies are the best. I personally found his teaching style very addictive. He is a very kind person. The best part by auditing his course you get 2 months of free Digital Ocean Subscription. The time period of the trail may vary from country to country. You can use digital Ocean to start your business career or build a college project. And all just because of Ryan.

Assistance for other platforms

Ryan will help you in anything you come up. Like in my case I had to upload my website in Heroku but he did not teach it. But when I asked the question in the question-answer section he came up with a solution and helped me a lot by gon out of the way. There are many teachers who teach the topic but Ryan is personally best for me.

Helped me start my business

After taking the course 4 months a=back I was a newbie. But I kept on learning daily and completing all the assignments given by Ryan one by one. And then after exactly 3 months, I was able to build a full-stack website on my own. I have started my blogging career just because of Ryan. May God bless Ryan 1000 times. I have started creating contents just by being motivated by Ryan.

Currently, I have around 5 main categories placed on my website, you can check out for motivation
Trending section
Web series section
Movies secton
Games secton

This is all just because of my true GURU Ryan Pls take his courses here .

I bet you would never regret