React vs Angular

React vs Angular

Written by abhi | Published 2 years ago

1. What is the difference between angular and react?

There are various differences between Angular and React. For example, React works with one-way data binding whereas Angular operates using two-way data binding. Likewise, Angular uses real DOM while React relies upon virtual DOM.

2. Is angular faster than react?

No, React is faster than angular since it relies upon Virtual DOM.

3. Is react the best framework?

The answer to this question depends fully upon what your app needs are. That implies, React is the best framework to use when you want to design a highly customized app using variable states – dynamic inputs, active/inactive navigation items, buttons enabled/disabled, user login and access permissions, etc.

The reason why we are concentrating this article on the comparison of Angular and React is partially because they come from a lineage of two solid competitors – Google and Facebook and partially because we had already covered React vs Flutter – the newest addition in the framework family, so it was time to compare React with a brand that has established itself in the industry at the back of its unmatched performance.